Autonomous Systems

All you wanted to know about robots, but were afraid to ask


Tony Belpaeme

Teaching assistant

Bart Jansen

Course info

WE-DINF-8524, 5 SP, 26 hours of theory, 26 hours of practical exercises.

Mailing list for the course is (archief mailinglist).

Calendar and syllabus

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Default is Dutch, but if required the course will be taught in English.


One year Master of Science in Computer Science, 1ste jaar Licentiaat in de Toegepaste Informatica, 2de jaar Licentiaat in de Toegepaste Informatica, 1ste jaar Licentiaat in de Informatica, 2de jaar Licentiaat in de Informatica.


Second semester, every monday from 13h00 till 15h00 in room 10G725 (AI-lab).


Second semester, every wednesday from 15h00 till 17h00 in room 10G725 (AI-lab).

For the practical exercises, there will be hands-on experiments with robot simulators and with programming Lego Mindstorm robots.


There is a written exam at the end of the semester. Grades attained on the pratical exercises are also taken into account.

The exam is scheduled on wednesday 9 June 2004 at 10h00. Location is to be announced. The second opportunity for an exam is at wednesday 1 september 2004 at 10h00, at the AI lab. This will be an oral exam.


Working students

Working students wishing to take this course should contact Tony Belpaeme.